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Workplace injuries aren’t always about one accident

When most people hear about a workplace injury or workers’ compensation benefits, they immediately think about a single instance accident that caused an injury. Unfortunately, a work injury can be caused by countless factors.

There are several occupations that are considered high risk for injury. Occupations such as construction work, factory work, first responders or healthcare workers tend to face certain dangers on nearly every shift. Unfortunately, almost every worker in every career could face a work injury.

Work accidents are typically grouped in three categories:

  • Single accident injuries: This might be the most common category as it encompasses a great deal of injuries and types of accidents. This category can include slips, trips, falls, vehicle accidents, crush injuries, burn injuries and being struck by falling debris.
  • Repetitive stress injuries: Commonly equated with “carpal tunnel syndrome,” repetitive stress injuries can impact nearly any body part and muscle group. From lower back strain from lifting objects from one conveyor belt to another conveyor belt to shoulder injuries from carrying packages, repetitive motions over weeks, months and years can damage the muscles, ligaments and other soft tissue.
  • Toxic exposure: While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has developed permissible exposure limits, employees are still exposed to hazardous materials at the workplace. From asbestos and benzene to silica dust and paint fumes, workers can notice skin irritation, eye trouble or lung disease develop after a time.

Work injuries can be traced back to a single accident or damage accumulated over time. These injuries can range from broken bones and traumatic brain injuries to mesothelioma and asbestosis. No matter the injury, it is wise to discuss your benefits and options for compensation with an experienced attorney.