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Most common injuries in the workplace

Although some occupations are more dangerous than others, workplace injuries can happen anywhere at any time. Most of these injuries occur in all occupations.

Certain injuries occur more frequently than others.

Slips, trips and falls

The most common injuries fall under the category of slips, trips and falls. The simple act of tripping and falling may cause a major injury. Sometimes these injuries result in head, neck or back injuries. They also result in broken bones or severe sprains.


Strains are also very common in almost all industries. From back injuries due to too much lifting to wrist strain due to too much typing, almost any part of the body can suffer a strain. Most of these require surgery to correct.

Repetitive use injuries

Most people think carpal tunnel injury is the only repetitive use injury. Unfortunately, it is not. Any movement done daily for a long time can cause repetitive use injuries.

Cuts, slices and abrasions

Almost all work environments can cause cuts, slices and abrasions. Every office has scissors, paper cutters and other sharp instruments. Industrial sites have saws, axes, box cutters and all of the office sharp instruments. Construction sites have blades, sharp edges on machinery and many more.


Collisions, both big and small, are major sources of workplace injuries. These collisions can be anything from an auto accident to a forklift colliding. Even offices have collisions with small equipment. These collisions may cause broken bones, sprains, abrasions and contusions, even if they are not severe.

Most injuries are preventable when employers set clear and concise safety guidelines.

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