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Workers’ Compensation For The Construction Industry

Construction injuries and accidents can be a tremendous hardship for workers.

On-the-job injuries often result in great financial strain, particularly if the worker is unable to return to work and earn a paycheck. It is common for injured construction workers to find themselves unable to pay their utility bills, mortgages or car payments or to even put food on the table.

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Workers’ Compensation In Georgia

The workers’ compensation system in Georgia provides employees who are injured at work sites with compensation for injuries and for the loss of the ability to earn an income.

Many things can cause a construction accident: the safety of the work site, the negligence of a fellow worker or simply the mistake of the worker. Injured construction workers are entitled to medical payments for medical visits, plus lost wages if they cannot return to work.

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The workers’ comp system is designed to protect the injured worker, but sometimes the employer and insurance company wrongfully deny payment of benefits.

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