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Workers' compensation generally covers workplace violence

AdobeStock_124928348.jpegUsually, injuries happen on the job because of an accident. Industrial workers may not lift heavy loads correctly, leading to severe muscle strains. Or construction workers might fall from great heights while on site.

However, more and more injuries reported on the job seem to be the result of workplace violence.

Do you have to brave extreme weather to service aircraft?

AdobeStock_187719068.jpegIf the Atlanta Airport is open and flights are scheduled, ground support personnel must report for duty -- regardless of the weather. If your job involves servicing of aircraft, you will battle the elements through windy conditions and frigid temperatures that could reach extreme levels. When these conditions drive down your skin temperature, it can eventually cause a significant drop in your internal body heat.

When it gets to a stage at which your body cannot warm itself, you will be vulnerable to cold stress and other life-threatening cold-related conditions. Keep in mind that dampness, even from sweat, can speed up the drop in body temperature, especially if you work in the wind.

Buckling up could be required for all in the future

AdobeStock_213490728.jpegMost people do not think twice about buckling up when they get in their car. It is automatic for many. However, nearly 1 in 7 people still do not wear a seat belt, especially since many Georgians see them as an option.

A new proposal is looking to change that and keep people on Georgia roads safer.

Fatigue can increase the risk of a work injury

AdobeStock_150894526.jpegWe may have gained an hour with the end of daylight savings time, but many people still report feeling more tired than usual during the day as they adjust to the time change. This is not only incredibly dangerous for individuals who get behind the wheel, but also for many workers across several fields of employment.

However, fatigue is not only a danger around the end of daylight savings time. It has become a significant threat that is putting workers at risk across the country year-round.

Materials handling could easily cause injuries to workers

If you work in materials handling, you are likely on your feet and on the move for most of your workday. Your tasks may require you to bend, squat, lift, reach, climb and stretch numerous times in a single day. Though you may appreciate the fact that you do not remain stagnant, you also likely understand that your job could cause you to suffer injuries.

Whether you work to stock materials in storage facilities or remove materials or products for distribution, you face many hazards on the job. In fact, materials handling is one of the most injury-prone industries in Georgia and across the United States. As a result, you undoubtedly want to keep your health and safety a top priority.

Can "the psychology of driving" prevent motorcycle accidents?

AdobeStock_211103588.jpegIn just the last decade, distracted driving has become one of the top causes of fatal accidents across the country. When individuals think of distracted driving, they usually link it with anything that pulls a driver's eyes away from the road. 

Visual distractions can make the roads especially dangerous for motorcyclists on Georgia roads. However, a new study states that drivers may rely less on their vision and more on their memory when behind the wheel.

Remember these pedestrian safety tips when out for Halloween

AdobeStock_288371192.jpgWith Halloween fast approaching, you and many other Georgia families are likely preparing for various festivities. You may enjoy the holiday and have decorated your home to your liking, and your kids have probably already told you the many ideas they have for costumes. You all have a sense of excitement.

Of course, as exciting as dressing up and trick-or-treating can be, it can also be dangerous for various reasons. As a parent, you certainly want to make sure your kids stay safe. You may already plan to stick to your neighborhood and only go to familiar houses, but if you plan on taking the kids out on foot, it is important to remember safety measures for pedestrians.

Pedestrians still face risks, even with smart technology

AdobeStock_56313353.jpegThere is no doubt that pedestrians are the most vulnerable on our roads. Sharing the roads with much larger vehicles without any protection places them at a high risk. That is why Georgia and other states around the nation have specific traffic laws that regulate a pedestrian's right-of-way. 

Unfortunately, the laws in place do not always protect pedestrians. Pedestrians still face the highest risk on our roads, and that danger only seems to be increasing.

What kind of injuries do emergency responders face?

AdobeStock_12969641.jpegEmergency medical technicians and service workers are the individuals who rush into dangerous situations to help others who are injured. 

There is no doubt that this is honorable work. However, there is also no doubting that work requiring individuals to run into the face of danger would carry a significant risk of injury. And, as it turns out, the people dedicated to healing the injured often suffer severe injuries themselves while they are on the job.

Beware at the bus stop: Illegal passing endangering students

AdobeStock_176919258.jpegThe start of a new school year means that children once again will be rising early to catch the bus to school. Parents who see their kids off to the bus stop in the morning should not have reason to worry about their child's safety.

However, there seems to be a nationwide epidemic that is putting students at risk at the bus stop.

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