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Pedestrians still face risks, even with smart technology

AdobeStock_56313353.jpegThere is no doubt that pedestrians are the most vulnerable on our roads. Sharing the roads with much larger vehicles without any protection places them at a high risk. That is why Georgia and other states around the nation have specific traffic laws that regulate a pedestrian's right-of-way. 

Unfortunately, the laws in place do not always protect pedestrians. Pedestrians still face the highest risk on our roads, and that danger only seems to be increasing.

What kind of injuries do emergency responders face?

AdobeStock_12969641.jpegEmergency medical technicians and service workers are the individuals who rush into dangerous situations to help others who are injured. 

There is no doubt that this is honorable work. However, there is also no doubting that work requiring individuals to run into the face of danger would carry a significant risk of injury. And, as it turns out, the people dedicated to healing the injured often suffer severe injuries themselves while they are on the job.

Beware at the bus stop: Illegal passing endangering students

AdobeStock_176919258.jpegThe start of a new school year means that children once again will be rising early to catch the bus to school. Parents who see their kids off to the bus stop in the morning should not have reason to worry about their child's safety.

However, there seems to be a nationwide epidemic that is putting students at risk at the bus stop.

Report: Women face even greater risks after a work injury

AdobeStock_228148450.jpegSuffering an injury at work can be a traumatic, painful and frightening experience. While workers' compensation can provide significant help to Georgia workers and their families after an injury, workers often still face a long and stressful healing process. 

But according to a recent study, workers who suffer severe workplace injuries also face serious risks involving their mental health. 

Does your job expose you to cancer risks?

AdobeStock_140277866.jpgOccupations in some industries pose known risks of exposure to carcinogenic toxins. Coal miners and firefighters are just some of the workers whose jobs expose them to cancer. Along with arsenic, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, many other substances can cause cancer.

However, many workers in Georgia are not even aware of the risks of bodily harm or life-threatening diseases like cancer they face each day. Even if your job seems safe, it could expose you to hazards that can harm your health.

Cycling is a fun but dangerous activity

AdobeStock_83245730.jpgCyclists and vehicle drivers must obey the same Georgia traffic laws. Unfortunately, many motorists see bicycle riders as a nuisance and treat them with little consideration on the roads. If you are a cycling enthusiast, it is crucial to be alert if you want to avoid severe injuries.

Although you might have legal grounds to sue a negligent driver who causes you to crash, the chances are good that the driver will assert that you were to blame. If you make bike safety a priority, you might avoid trouble.

How parents can help their teens stay safe behind the wheel

AdobeStock_116089288.jpegCar accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers across the nation. While the rate of fatal car accidents involving teens has been slowly decreasing over the years, there is no doubt that teens still face a significant risk whenever they get behind the wheel.

But there are measures that Georgia parents can take to teach their children and help them become safe drivers. Here are a few essential tips parents should consider:

Electric scooter accident calls attention to unsafe roads

AdobeStock_279706438.jpegEver since electric scooters hit city streets across the country, there have been a wide variety of concerns. From issues over helmet use to catastrophic injuries, the negative issues almost seem to outweigh the convenience. 

Now, there have been three fatal electric scooter accidents in Atlanta. And these recent tragedies are leading many people to rethink scooter safety as well as the conditions of our city's roads.

Do you work alongside a co-worker of the robotic type?

AdobeStock_174943598.jpgIf you work in the manufacturing industry or a warehouse or fulfillment center in Georgia, you could share your work space with a robot. How do you feel about that? Some believe that robots will take over their jobs, but the truth is that, often, they only take over the tasks that put your health and safety at risk. Robots do not get sick, need a vacation or parental leave, and they will make the same repetitive motion over and over again.

While robotics do the mundane and repetitive tasks, you can put your skills to work on more challenging tasks. However, their mere presence requires risk assessment and mitigation of hazards to protect you and your human co-workers.

Atlanta facing safety "crisis" for bicyclists

AdobeStock_175089714.jpegThe Atlanta Regional Commission estimates an average of 90 people are killed while walking or biking in the Atlanta metro every year - with another 300 suffering life-threatening injuries. As more and more neighborhoods focus on walkability and encouraging "greener" transportation, safety concerns still abound all over the region. But, it seems ensuring safety for bicyclists will require big changes to metro streets.

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