Protecting the Injured,
Every Step of the Way

Tips for safely sharing the road with motorcycles

Did you know that 14% of all traffic fatalities were motorcyclists, and these individuals are significantly more (29 times) to die in an accident? They are also significantly more likely to experience injuries during crashes.

Sharing the road with motorcycles is challenging, but they have just as much right to drive on the roads as those in motor vehicles. Therefore, these are some tips to help you share the road safely with riders.

Avoid distracted driving

Motorcycles are loud, so you should have the ability to hear them coming, but if your radio volume is too high, you may not hear them right away. However, with your volume down, you can often hear these vehicles even when you cannot see them. In addition, you need to be aware of the road around you, so avoid looking at your phone or GPS.

Watch your blind spots

Motorcycles are small, so they can easily slip into your blind spots, preventing you from seeing them. Before you change lanes or turn, check your blind spots, especially when you turn left. You should also merge onto interstates and other major roadways carefully after checking your blind spots.

Distance yourself

Riders maneuver their motorcycles quickly and easily. They may seem to stop on a dime and weave to miss potholes and road debris. It could surprise you how quickly they adjust, and you may not have time to react if you drive too closely to these riders, especially if you are behind them, they turn on their turn signals, it is dark outside or you are in inclement weather.

You can protect yourself and motorcyclists on the road by following traffic laws and a few simple tips.