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Workers’ Comp Benefits For Workers Who Suffer Dog Bite Injuries At Work

Dog bites can be serious and traumatic work related injuries that have the potential to cause permanent damage to the victim. In Georgia, workers’ compensation may cover the medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs associated with dog bite injuries sustained on the job. This is important to understand for workers who are exposed to dogs on a regular basis, such as:

Delivery drivers: Package delivery drivers, including those who work for companies like Amazon, UPS, and FedEx, may also encounter dogs on their routes.

Animal control officers: These professionals work to control and manage animal populations, including handling dogs that may be dangerous or aggressive.

Pet groomers: Pet groomers often work with dogs that may be unaccustomed to being handled, which can increase the risk of bites.

Veterinarians and veterinary technicians: These professionals work closely with animals, including dogs that may be in pain or distressed, which can make them more likely to bite.

Dog walkers and pet sitters: These individuals may be caring for dogs that are unfamiliar with them or that have not been socialized properly, increasing the risk of bites.

Police officers and K-9 handlers: Officers and handlers who work with police dogs are also at risk of being bitten by the animals they work with.

It is important for workers in these and other occupations to be aware of the risks associated with dog bites and to take steps to protect themselves when working with dogs.

What To Do After A Dog Bite Injury On The Job

The severity of dog bite injuries can vary depending on the size and breed of the dog, as well as the location of the bite. However, one common and lasting injury caused by dog bites is scarring. When a dog bites, their sharp teeth can tear and puncture the skin, leaving deep wounds that can result in permanent scarring. In some cases, the scars may even require surgery or other medical procedures to correct.

In addition to scarring, dog bites can cause other types of injuries, such as nerve damage, broken bones, and infections. Often times serious injury can result from running and tripping or falling while trying to avoid being bitten. These injuries can be painful, debilitating, and may require ongoing medical treatment, which can be costly.

If you have been injured by a dog bite while on the job, it is important to seek medical attention immediately and report the incident to your employer. You may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to cover the costs of your injuries, including scarring and any other related expenses.

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