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Why would your workers’ compensation benefits end abruptly?

Georgia workers who sustain injuries while performing their jobs may receive workers’ compensation benefits covering their medical bills and wages. However, benefit payments do not continue indefinitely.

These are some reasons your coverage may abruptly end even if you are still recovering.

Your refuse your employer’s accommodation

If your doctor clears you for light duty, your employer may offer you a different job while you recover. However, if you refuse to try an available position, the insurer may immediately stop paying your benefits.

Your employer’s doctor disagrees with your doctor

Your employer’s insurer will assign one of its doctors to evaluate your injuries and recovery. However, you may want to consult with your doctor as well. Unfortunately, if the insurer’s doctor determines that you can return to work despite your doctor’s contradictory opinion, you may lose benefits immediately if you refuse to comply.

The insurer tracks your activity

Insurance companies will undertake various measures to minimize claims. For example, many will assign investigators to track employees on social media and elsewhere to acquire evidence proving their ability to function. If an insurance adjuster provides the workers’ compensation board with evidence suggesting you can work, you may stop receiving benefits.

You exhaust your benefits

Georgia limits weekly workers’ compensation benefits to 400 weeks unless your injury is permanent. Otherwise, they end when you can return to work without limitation.

You choose retirement

When a lack of available employment forces you to retire, you may continue receiving benefits. However, if your employer offers you a job with modification but you refuse it, your benefits may end.

Workers’ compensation can provide financial security while you recover from an injury at work, but various factors can prevent you from getting the compensation you need and deserve.