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What to know if you ride electric scooters

AdobeStock_168143489.jpegAtlanta is a transportation hub for everything from airplanes to highways. With so much traffic in the area, it makes sense that people seek out alternatives. They want to avoid traffic jams, save money and decrease the toll their trips take on the environment.

Recently, Atlanta became home to electic scooter shares, which allow people to conveniently rent and ride scooters using an app. However, as easy as it may be to utilize these e-scooters, there are risks associated with them. 

Safety risks

Riding an e-scooter is fairly simple. However, accidents can and do happen. Some accidents are caused by users who go too fast or hit something. Others happen when people trip over them, get hit by one or fall off.

As this article notes, people can suffer a range of injuries in accidents involving e-scooters. The may be as minor as some scrapes and bruises, or they could include broken bones, severe lacerations and brain injuries.

Who is accountable?

Should an accident occur involving an e-scooter, it can be difficult to determine who is at fault and who is liable.

If a scooter defect or malfunction is to blame, the company that manufactured or owns the scooter may be accountable. If an individual operating the scooter does so negligently and causes an accident, he or she could be accountable for damages. If someone else causes the accident, like a motorist or pedestrian, then he or she may be responsible.

If an injured party wants to take legal action after an accident, determining appropriate party will depend on numerous factors, from who is to blame for the accident to whether there are liability and insurance agreements that address this issue. To complicate matters further, it is possible that renters of e-scooters are bound to arbitration instead of litigation to resolve legal issues.

Because of all the nuances and complexities that come with e-scooter accidents, it can be wise to discuss an accident with an attorney.

And as we start to see more people using these modes of transportation, we urge users to wear helmets when riding them and ride responsibly. Those sharing the road with riders should be alert and cautious so that everyone can get home safely.