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What income benefits are available under Georgia workers’ comp?

If you get injured at work, your life may undergo many changes. One of these changes may be that you are unable to go back to work or work as much as you used to.

To give injured workers relief, the Georgia workers’ compensation system provides income benefits. According to the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation Employee Handbook, you can qualify for four different types of income benefits after a workplace accident.

1. Temporary total disability benefits

If your doctor decides that you cannot work anymore after a workplace accident, you could qualify for temporary total disability benefits. This benefit can equal up to two-thirds of what you made every week before you sustained the injury.

2. Temporary partial disability benefits

After a workplace accident, you may need to go back to a job that pays less than what you used to make. If this happens, you could be eligible for income benefits for up to 350 weeks following the original injury date.

3. Permanent partial disability benefits

If you become permanently disabled after a workplace accident, you could receive permanent partial disability benefits based on AMA guidelines. How much compensation you are eligible for depends on the current Temporary Total Disability rate multiplied by a certain number of weeks.

4. Death benefits

If a workplace accident results in death, income benefits may become available to your eligible dependents. These benefits can also cover funeral expenses.

Even though a workplace accident can make it difficult to maintain your income, your employer’s insurance company may not immediately provide income benefits. If this occurs, take action to protect your right to fair and proper compensation.