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Bridge Accidents and Negligence

What can a victimless accident tell you about negligence?

Bridges and roads are an essential part of moving goods, people and material around in Georgia and the rest of the country. People rely on the roads and are at their mercy. If a person is injured by an unsafe bridge or road what happens?

That question can be answered, in part, by the collapse of the I-85 bridge at the end of March. Federal Authorities determined the incident, which resulted from a blazing inferno, is the fault of the Georgia Department of Transportation. The state stored a large amount of combustible construction material under the bridge.

A theoretical jumping off point

While no injuries resulted from this accident, the size of the fire and the collapse of the bridge held an enormous potential for injury. Had anyone become a victim of the accident, the state of Georgia would have been one of the defendants in the case. It would have been a simple case to make.

There are three points in the report that show an enormous level of negligence and lack of control at the site:

  • There was evidence that the state had considered changing its practices
  • Several other states have prohibited storing such materials under bridges
  • The gate that led to the materials was often left unlocked

When a municipal body, like a state government, is at fault in a personal injury claimthere are some definite road blocks. However, with facts from a federal report as a foundation, an experienced lawyer would be able to build a strong case.

No matter who is at fault you can get compensation

It doesn’t matter if the person at fault was your neighbor or the state of Georgia, any injury caused by someone else can yield a settlement for the injured. Do not let the size of the defendant dissuade you. You have options.