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Tips for safe driving in the dark

Many drivers must make a daily commute in the dark. Whether you are driving to work or school before the sun is up or driving home at the end of the day after the sun has set, driving in the dark presents a few dangers that are not as present during the daytime.

Fight sleepiness

It is easy to become tired and sleepy while driving in the dark, especially when you have just woken up or at the end of a long tiring day. Drink some caffeine to help keep you alert. Listen to fast-paced music and sing along. Open the window now and then for fresh air. Figure out some strategies that work for you to help you stay alert and focused.

Clean your windows and mirrors

Clean your windows and mirrors whenever you must drive in the dark. Smudges and streaks not visible during daylight hours will become a problem when streetlights and passing car lights light them up. A dirty windshield can become a hazard in the dark.

Be extra cautious

Drive slower to account for decreased visibility in the dark. Use your high-beam headlights whenever you need them, but remember to turn them off when cars approach from the opposite direction. Animals come out at night when there is less noise from traffic. Be on the lookout for wildlife darting into the road.

Driving at night increases the chances that you are on the road with drunk or impaired drivers. Stay aware of your surroundings, use your mirrors and use defensive driving techniques to keep yourself safe.