Protecting the Injured,
Every Step of the Way

Timely focus now – yet always – on alcohol-impaired Georgia drivers

The agents that literally drive catastrophic and fatal outcomes on Georgia roadways are many and diverse. Prudent motorists are constantly aware of that.

Take that guy hurtling by you at excessive speed, for instance. He’s more than concerning; in fact, he’s an instant nemesis and the catalyst for a potential accident just around the corner.

Pedal-to-the-metal enthusiasts on state streets and highways are far from alone when it comes to outsized dangers posed for the motoring public. Tailgaters are firmly in stride with them, as are motorists who rocket along at 90 mph one moment and then summarily survey the scenery for several miles at half that speed.

Moreover, some drivers are compelled to change lanes constantly. Others deal with surrounding traffic and a fast-food lunch at the same time. Behind-the-wheel interaction with mobile devices – including cellphones – is commonplace on Georgia thoroughfares.

And then there is drunk driving, which instantly underscores a sad and terrifying scenario.

How common is drunk driving across Georgia?

The answer to the above header query is both predictable and discouraging. A Georgia legal source on driving under the influence of alcohol duly stresses that, “Drunk driving accidents kill and injure many people in Georgia each year.”

Other reports and studies underscore that reality with numbers and statistics. Here are two key DUI takeaways relevant to a recent year:

  • 375 fatalities resulting from alcohol-linked crashes
  • More than 25% of all traffic deaths tied to alcohol use

Georgia is not an outlier among American states when it comes to behind-the-wheel inebriation and the resulting devastation and human toll it takes on innocent individuals and families. In fact, an Atlanta publication addressing the topic accords it “middle of the pack” status.

Specifically, that means this: Georgia ranked 23rd highest among all states for its DUI arrest rate during 2018.

What can a victim and loved ones do in the wake of a DUI crash?

Aggressive and meaningful legal action can be taken by individuals who suffered injuries in a drunk driving accident or, alternatively, by surviving family members of a fatal crash victim.

An experienced personal injury attorney with a deep well of proven representation in motor vehicle accident cases can serve as ally and guide the process.

Proof standards must initially be met. Third-party negligence must be demonstrated (intoxication flatly evidences that). A driver must breach his or her duty of legal care owed to a victim, and the latter’s injuries must tie directly to the defendant’s impairment.

A plaintiff prevailing in a DUI crash case can potentially secure a broad-based remedy marked by maximum compensation. Damages can pay for medical bills, recoup lost wages, address pain and suffering, cover future therapy/rehabilitation and more.

Injury victims will reasonably want to know that time limitations apply in personal injury cases and merit a timely legal response.