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Three tips: What to remember when talking to insurers?

The aftermath of a car accident can leave Georgia families facing a significant amount of stress, both physical and financial. But often, one matter that causes the most stress is dealing with the insurance company.

Individuals often have to report incidents – such as a crash – to their auto insurance carrier. While this is an important step, it can be difficult to navigate on top of everything else. So, here are a few critical tips to remember when speaking with the insurance company.

1. Be honest, but be careful

Of course, it is critical to be honest about the accident and in all of the interactions with the insurance company. However, individuals should still take great care about what they share. This is especially important if they have to speak with the other driver’s insurance company. They must be careful about what they say to protect their compensation.

2. Beware of “giving a statement”

Insurance adjusters often ask individuals to give a statement about the accident. This is usually a tactic insurance companies use to obtain more information than they need and, in turn, limit the amount of compensation offered. Whether this statement is recorded or not, individuals do not have to agree to provide one.

While it is essential to gather as much information as possible after the accident, the only information individuals must provide to the insurance company are the basics, including:

  • What type of accident occurred
  • When it happened
  • Where it happened
  • The information about the vehicles involved

Generally, individuals should also refrain from sharing any details about their injuries as well.

3. Take notes

How does taking notes help when speaking with the insurance company? It is surprisingly helpful at two points in the process:

  • Before: Individuals can essentially craft their script of what information they will share with the insurance adjusters. It might be helpful to consult a personal injury attorney before the call. They can help individuals determine what they should and should not say.
  • During: It is also critical to take notes during the call with the insurance adjusters. This ensures they have their own record of the call – just as the insurance company will. For example, individuals should record the name of who they are speaking with, as well as the information discussed on the call.

Handling insurance companies is not an easy task, but it is possible to protect one’s rights to compensation as long as they take great care.