Protecting the Injured,
Every Step of the Way

Steps to take following a rental car accident


If you travel by plane, you will more than likely need a rental car. It is important to take care of this vehicle as you would your own, but accidents sometimes happen due to no fault of your own. It is important to not become overwhelmed if an accident does happen. Continue reading below to learn more about what to do after a car accident occurs.

Immediately after

Right after the collision, check on your passengers and call emergency services. If you can get out of the rental vehicle, exchange contact information with any other individuals involved. Make sure you take any photos of the accident and give all information to the police as accurately as possible. This will help to determine who may be at fault, but be sure to never admit fault.

Car rental company

Do not be afraid to contact your car rental company as this is essential. Do this as soon as possible; you can typically find the phone number on the rental agreement or on the glove box of the car. Each company will have its own way to proceed, such as whether you have to fill out an incident report with the representative or take another step.

Contact insurance

The car rental company will have its own insurance for the vehicle after the accident. You may need to contact your personal insurance as well. Be sure that you understand your deductible and exactly what is under your coverage. This is especially important if you or a passenger faces a personal injury from the accident, no matter how serious.

Contact a lawyer

The final step after an accident in a rental car is to contact a lawyer if you face a personal injury. An experienced lawyer may assist you in filing an insurance claim with your own insurance agency. The lawyer’s goal is to make the entire process much less stressful for you so that you can focus on your health as first priority.