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New report: Amazon warehouses still not safe

Worker in forklift-truck loading packed goods in huge distribution warehouse with high shelves.

It is no secret that Amazon workers have faced significant risks in the workplace over the last few years. National news sources frequently report on the high rates of workplace injuries, and we have discussed the danger workers face in previous blog posts as well.

Even though these safety risks are not necessarily news anymore, there are critical updates that all workers should be aware of.

Warehouse workers still facing risks in the workplace

In 2019, Reveal released a report that showed the high rate of injuries at the company – with nearly double the injuries of the entire industry rate. Since then, Amazon claimed it made efforts to make the environment of their warehouses safer.

However, new reports show that this is not the case. Two new findings in particular are concerning:

  1. Injuries are still high: Amazon’s records indicate that injuries are decreasing, but the news sources report that the rate of injuries is still rising. On top of that, the report states that Amazon was underreporting injuries to mislead the public about the safety of their warehouses and the increasing rate of injuries.
  2. Robots are a risk: Amazon has slowly been introducing robots and automated production into its warehouses. The company claimed that these robots would increase not only the efficiency of production but also safety for workers. However, the report found that injuries were 50% more likely to occur in warehouses with robots than in those without them.

Warehouse safety is critical

There are some things that warehouse workers can take into their own hands to increase their safety at work, including:

  • Ensuring they operate forklifts safely and with the proper training
  • Being on the lookout for any slip and fall hazards
  • Obtaining ergonomic resources to avoid repetitive stress injuries

It is critical to take these steps and for workers to be on their guard, but an unsafe workplace is a risk that no worker should have to put up with. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 gives all workers the right to a safe workplace. And Georgia workers who have suffered an injury on the job – whether in an Amazon warehouse or not – are also entitled to collect full compensation for the physical and financial stress they faced as a result.