Protecting the Injured,
Every Step of the Way

Long term costs of catastrophic injuries

Car accidents, truck accidents, or slip-and-falls are just a few ways that someone can suffer a sudden catastrophic injury. These injuries can often come with thousands of dollars in medical bills, but they are not the only expenses that the victim will suffer as a result of these injuries. Some costs can take months or years to occur and last a lifetime. Examples of these costs include:

Future surgeries

While you may have undergone surgery immediately following your car accident or other injuries, it may also not be the last time you need it. An injury to the spinal column may call for fusing of vertebrae in your spine or other surgeries to maintain your health.

Medical equipment

Medical equipment rarely lasts a lifetime and often calls for upgrades or maintenance of its own. Prosthetic limbs can break, and its owner can also outgrow them, which can cause the need for a replacement limb.

Physical and emotional therapy

The trauma from a serious accident can leave serious consequences on the victim’s body and mind. To cope with this trauma, physical therapy may be necessary for years to help the body recover. A car accident can also leave a victim with many different phobias that call for therapy to help overcome.

New living arrangements

Sometimes, an injury can be so severe or worsen over time that the victim needs to live somewhere else that can accommodate their injuries or disabilities. Paralysis from the waist down can make stairs an obstacle that victims can no longer manage and require them to move into a single floor home.

Get compensation to match

After a personal injury, insurance companies may quickly offer victims a settlement that reflects only the current costs. If you suffered a severe injury, talk with an attorney to make sure that the compensation you receive also reflects the possible long-term costs so that you are not the one left paying four bills you didn’t create.