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How to prevent the “big four” construction workplace hazards

by | Jan 28, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Workplace accidents in a construction site or work zone are a more serious problem than many people think. In fact, 15 workplace deaths take place every day.

There are four main hazards that work environments can commonly present. Knowing how to avoid these dangers may be the information you need to protect yourself and your coworkers from catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Falling accidents

Falls can happen because of oversights like loose or uneven walkways, unsecured floor openings, and poorly built scaffolding. To help prevent falls at a job site, make sure you wear the proper anti-fall equipment, use perimeter protections, secure any open holes, and use ladders and scaffolding in the recommended manners.

Getting caught between objects

Many construction sites often dig trenches to install wiring or other services. These trenches can become deadly for someone who falls in and cannot get out to avoid income machinery or equipment. Avoid entering narrow or deep work areas, and make sure the areas you do enter are properly secured with a trench-shield system.

Getting struck

Not paying attention to what is around you and where you are going is a common cause of getting caught between two pieces of heavy machinery or finding yourself in a deadly situation. Moving vehicles and other moving work tools can deal catastrophic injuries to workers. Wearing safety gear with high visibility can alert others to your position, and keeping vigilant in your surroundings can keep you from entering dangerous areas with moving equipment.


Loose or exposed wiring can be deadly while also remaining hard to notice in the first place. Before getting too involved with a worksite:

  • Identify any possible sources of electricity, both above and below ground.
  • Maintain a safe distance from live wires.
  • Do not use any non-grounded tools.
  • Use ground-fault interrupters to stop any potential electrocution.

Safety comes first

Rushing into a job can be dangerous for yourself and others around you. Make sure you take some extra precautions to avoid the big four sources of worksite injuries, and keep yourself from becoming one of the unnecessary workplace casualties that happen every day.