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How serious is whiplash?

Tired business lady in car feeling strong neck pain, nerve inflammation, health

One of the most common car accident injuries individuals hear about is whiplash. It is so common because it is a result of the sudden back-and-forth movement of the neck in any sort of collision.

Since it is so common, many people tend to underestimate and overlook the seriousness of this injury. However, it is critical that in the event of an accident, individuals do not overlook the symptoms or risks surrounding this common injury.

Common does not necessarily mean minor

The anatomy of the neck is very complex. There are many structures of tendons, nerves, muscles, tissues and one’s spinal cord, all contained in a small space. These structures also contribute to our movement more than we realize.

Therefore, any injury to the neck can cause serious pain and mobility issues.

How do whiplash injuries affect individuals?

According to the Mayo Clinic, the most common symptoms of whiplash include:

  • Lasting pain
  • Difficulty moving
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Tingling and numb arms
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle spasms

In most cases, these symptoms decrease, and the injury heals in a few weeks. However, pain can last for a long time as well, leading to long-term effects including chronic pain, ringing in the ears or even back pain.

Whiplash becomes a larger issue if untreated

Many people might not experience the symptoms of a whiplash injury until days after the accident. Additionally, individuals might overlook getting treatment – especially if they have other severe or visible injuries from the accident.

Any injury left untreated can put individuals at serious risk of further pain and suffering. This is why it is critical to obtain comprehensive medical attention as soon as possible after a car accident on Georgia roads – no matter what.