Protecting the Injured,
Every Step of the Way

How crashes involving cars and motorcycles happen

If you are a motorcycle rider in Georgia, you will need more skills and coordination than other automobile drivers to stay safe as you navigate the busy Atlanta highways. Although the number of bikes on the state’s roadways are significantly less than the number of other vehicles, the severity of injuries motorcyclists suffer in crashes are far worse than those of motorists in larger vehicles. The level of protection you have as a motorcycle rider is almost non-existent when compared to the sophisticated protective systems in modern cars.

Understanding how and why auto vs. motorcycle crashes happen might allow you to take the necessary precautions. As a rider, you might often also be responsible for the safety of a passenger, which typically makes a bike even trickier to operate. Of course, as a rider in Georgia, you are always required to wear a helmet. Although helmets do not prevent all injuries, those suffered by accident victims without helmets are typically more severe.

Typical causes of car vs. motorcycle crashes

Automobile drivers and motorcycle riders must follow the same rules of the road. However, many motorists see bikers as a menace on the roadways and treat them with disregard. Although many reasons for such collisions exist, the following are a few common factors that feature in a significant percentage of crashes:

  • Visibility: Motorcycles are so much smaller than cars and trucks that drivers of other vehicles frequently fail to see oncoming bikes, and when they do see them, some find it difficult to judge the speed of the motorcycle’s approach. Wearing reflective clothing and brightly colored helmets could make bikers easier to notice.
  • Alcohol and Speeding: These factors apply to operators of both motorcycles and automobiles. A significant number of car vs. motorcycle crashes involve one or both of these factors by either operator, typically with devastating consequences.
  • Left-hand turns: Almost half of all collisions between cars and bikes involve vehicles making left-hand turns. This usually happens when drivers turn while motorcyclists are in the process of passing them, or when other drivers do not see oncoming bikes and then fail to yield before turning.
  • Lane splitting: A common cause of crashes on the highways is bikers driving between two lanes of traffic. Not only do they have restricted space in which to maneuver, but also, motorists often fail to see them — especially when they are in the drivers’ blind spots.

A motorcycle accident can cause life-altering injuries, both physically and financially, and if it was a particularly traumatizing incident, you might even develop a post-traumatic stress disorder. If the negligence of another party caused the crash, you might have grounds to pursue financial relief through the civil justice system of Georgia. Utilizing the services of an experienced personal injury attorney who can navigate the legal proceedings and provide the necessary support and guidance may lead to a monetary judgment to cover both financial and emotional damages sustained.