Protecting the Injured,
Every Step of the Way

Falls the leading cause of injury and death for Americans over 65

In the U.S., falling is the number one cause of injury and death for Americans age 65 and over.

Not only are seniors more likely to fall, they often experience more severe injuries and may have a more challenging time recovering, physically, financially, and emotionally.

Annual statistics for fall-related injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control, in the U.S., an older adult experiences a fall every second, and one in five falls results in physical injury. Each year,

  • About 36 million adults 65+ fall, resulting in over 32,000 deaths annually.
  • Three million seniors require emergency care following a fall.
  • Around 300,000 older Americans need hospitalization for fall-related hip fractures.

Hip fractures are especially concerning for aging individuals who may already have health issues that make a full recovery difficult or even impossible. After a fall-related hospitalization, many older adults can no longer live independently and require assistance with daily living tasks.

When premises negligence causes a fall

From clearing snow and ice from parking lots or walkways to providing and maintaining adequate handrails, property owners have a legal responsibility to provide safe premises for all their patrons.

Unfortunately, when dangerous property conditions exist, the risk of serious injury from a fall is especially high for older adults.

If a property owner was aware, or should have been aware, of a safety issue on the premises and failed to correct the hazard, he or she may be liable for both present and future medical costs as well as the pain and suffering resulting from the injury.