Protecting the Injured,
Every Step of the Way

Mending after work injuries starts by knowing where coverage ends

Your injury at work can really cost you. You’re looking at all kinds of unexpected expenses like medical bills, time away from your job and the process of getting back into the workforce. Fortunately, workers’ compensation may be able to help you manage the sudden changes.

Work injuries cost hundreds of billions of dollars every year, with $35 billion of that going toward medical expenses and around $52 billion for wage and productivity lost. Those are some big numbers that you might be a part of, but workers’ compensation can step in and help lessen the impact you feel after an accident.

Perilous payback

Getting back on your feet is a process, and workers’ compensation could offer continued support:

  • Medical benefits: One of your biggest concerns after a workplace accident is likely your recovery. You may be in line for help with paying for treatments, from psychological to surgical, chiropractic to podiatric. Insurance could also pay for a range of costs associated with care, from transportation to appointments to nursing attendance.
  • Lost wages: When you’re unable to work, you might be missing out on a paycheck. This can make meeting growing expenses even more difficult. Workers’ compensation may step in and pay a set portion of your salary.
  • Vocational benefits: The third leg of compensation comes into play when changes in employment take place. If you’re ready to work but can’t return to your former job, benefits may include job search assistance, career counseling, skills training and much more to get you back on your feet.

Big injuries at work come with big expenses, so make sure you get the help you need. Understanding what assistance is available could be the first step to moving forward after an accident.