Protecting the Injured,
Every Step of the Way

Amazon is putting its workers at risk

AdobeStock_208092670.jpegAmazon is a successful corporate giant that claims to be leading the way in technology innovation as it strives to meet the public’s expectations and demands in this new age of e-commerce.

But it seems that Amazon is putting its success before its workers. Many reports surfaced in 2019 stating that the company prioritized speed over workers’ safety. This leaves Amazon employees facing an extremely high risk of work injuries.

The work injury rate at Amazon is double the industry average

The Atlantic and Reveal published a comprehensive report of the dismal safety culture at Amazon. The report is alarming, to say the least.

The rate of work injuries in this industry is 4 injuries per 100 workers nationwide. At Amazon alone, this rate is 9.6 injuries per 100 workers. That is more than double the industry average at just one company.

According to the reports, there are several reasons for this high risk, including:

  1. The enforcement of strict quotas for all workers, including warehouse workers and delivery drivers, forcing them to work quickly instead of safely;
  2. The failure to provide proper training for all employees; and
  3. Violations of federal safety standards, and improper emergency care for injured employees.

No employee should have to risk their safety like this.

So, what can Amazon employees do?

An Amazon employee in Georgia who suffered an injury on the job and in the course of their work could be entitled to collect workers’ compensation. Therefore, it is helpful for workers to understand the details of the process to obtain their workers’ compensation benefits.

However, what can employees do to protect themselves? Understanding the risk and one’s rights under state workers’ compensation laws are the first steps. It is also necessary for employees to know their rights under federal law, including:

  • The right to request and receive formal training;
  • The right to request injury records from their employer; and
  • The right to obtain proper safety equipment from the employer.

Now that these reports exposed Amazon’s dangerous safety culture, hopefully, changes will come to increase workers’ safety.

However, in the meantime, Amazon employees must ensure they exercise their rights and take action to prioritize their own safety. It might be beneficial for employees to seek guidance from an experienced attorney if they suffer a severe injury at work.