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Am I getting enough for my car accident settlement?

It is doubtful that the victim of a car accident has any prior knowledge about what they deserve in a fair settlement. It is complicated to recognize the full cost of a car accident, so what can you do to ensure that you are getting fair compensation for your injuries?

The average cost of a car accident that results in a disabling injury can be as much as $61,000. The full extent of the expenses from a car accident goes far beyond just the initial medical bills.

What are the costs of an accident?

There are a lot of secondary expenses that come from being the victim in a car accident. Significant costs that a victim might not expect to experience include:

  • Future medical costs – the cost of immediate treatment for injuries may not cover the full medical costs. Future medical expenses can come years later in the form of additional surgeries and physical therapy.
  • Lost income – each week away from work is another week without pay. This income is what victims need to pay for rent and other bills.
  • Car repair – repairing a vehicle can cost thousands of dollars, and replacing a totaled car can cost even more.
  • Loss of ability to enjoy life – major injuries can deny specific opportunities for a victim like attending an important family gathering or walking down the aisle at their wedding.
  • Pain and suffering – it is not enough for the liable party to pay for the damage they caused; they also need to be accountable for the suffering the inflicted.

These are only a few of the costs that a settlement should reflect. An experienced personal injury attorney knows how to pursue the maximum compensation for their clients, and negotiate with insurers to protect the best interests of the client.

How a victim can stand up for themselves

The first settlement that insurance companies offer rarely reflects the full cost of the injury. If you are not confident that you are getting the best possible outcome in your accident, speak with an attorney to review your situation and your pursuit for fair compensation.