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If you are a television or film set worker who has been hurt on the job, you may have legal options to explore. At the Law Offices of T. Andrew Miller, we represent actors, stunt performers, crewmembers, and other employees on all types of television and film sets. Attorney Miller is a seasoned workers’ compensation lawyer who can help you understand your rights and pursue the benefits that you deserve for your harm. Accidents on TV and film sets may be difficult to investigate, which is why having a capable Atlanta movie industry injury lawyer on your side may make a vital difference in your case.

Common Injuries Suffered by TV and Film Set Workers

Georgia has one of the most prominent film industries in the country. According to the Motion Picture Association of America, the Georgia film industry currently ranks third in the nation behind California and New York. In fact, Georgia has nearly 3,000 motion picture and television industry businesses, which means that there is a wide range of film-related jobs. TV and film set workers unfortunately often sustain preventable on-the-job injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration found that between 2014 and 2015, reports of serious accidents on television and film sets nearly doubled. Some common causes of accidents on TV and film sets include:

  • Actor injuries;
  • Stunt performer injuries;
  • Unsafe explosions or special effects;
  • Faulty lighting equipment;
  • Falls from high platforms;
  • Faulty safety cables and wires;
  • Malfunctioning production equipment; or
  • Slip and fall accidents.

Workers’ compensation is an accident insurance program paid by an employer, which may provide a worker with certain benefits in the event of an injury or illness. Workers’ compensation coverage takes effect as soon the worker begins the job. This means that a worker will be eligible for these benefits regardless of whether they have been working for five years or five hours. Under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act, injured employees may be entitled to medical treatment, lost income, and disability benefits, while family members of employees who have died in a workplace accident may be entitled to death benefits and burial expenses. Each case is unique, and the type and amount of benefits that a worker will receive will depend on the nature and extent of the harm suffered. The movie industry injury attorney at our Atlanta firm can help injured workers evaluate the full extent of the benefits that may be appropriate in their circumstances.

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, which means that you may collect benefits even if the employer is not responsible for your injury or illness. In exchange for these benefits, a worker gives up the right to sue the employer in a personal injury claim for damages. However, a third party still may be liable through a personal injury claim if their negligence or misconduct caused the worker’s accident.

It is important to note that even if a worker has a pre-existing injury, they will be able to collect workers’ compensation benefits. In these cases, benefits may be awarded for aggravating or exacerbating the existing condition. The idea behind this rule is to extend workers’ compensation benefits to as many employees as possible.

To file a workers’ compensation claim in Georgia, an injured employee must fill out the WC-14 form, submit it to the State Board of Workers’ Compensation, and provide a copy to the employer. Timing is extremely important in these cases. In order to qualify for benefits, injured workers must file a claim within one year of the accident or within two years of the date that the last benefits check was paid. With limited exceptions, a failure to act within this time likely will mean losing your right to collect benefits altogether.

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