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What If Your Workplace Accident Seems Like Your Fault?

For many people who have sustained serious injuries as a result of workplace accidents, the accidents seem like they were their fault. If you did something wrong, broke a safety protocol or operated dangerous machinery improperly, you might assume you are not entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

However, if the errors you committed was a result of inadequate training and not your own negligence, then you could obtain the benefits you need.

T. Andrew Miller from The Law Offices of T. Andrew Miller, LLC, is an Atlanta attorney who has a wealth of experience and knowledge in handling all types of workplace injury claims. He will help you understand your case and obtain the much-needed workers’ compensation benefits.

Examples Of Inadequate Training

There are many instances in which inadequate training can result in serious accidents, injuries and illnesses, including:

  • Safety procedures
  • Knowledge of risks
  • Use of safety/protective equipment
  • Use of dangerous machines
  • Handling of toxic chemicals
  • Maintenance of equipment

In any of these workplace scenarios, your employer or manager is responsible for making sure everyone has thorough training. Without being properly trained on how to perform your job safely, you should not be held responsible for the accidents and injuries that result.

Workers’ compensation can provide coverage for the medical care you need, lost wages and vocational training if your injuries render you unable to continue performing your previous job.

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