Protecting the Injured,
Every Step of the Way

What happens when you’re the passenger in an accident?

AdobeStock_191994326.jpegMany Georgia motorists take every precaution possible to avoid an accident while driving. However, we are not always in control of our own safety. Every time we get in a taxi, catch a ride with a friend or decide to walk somewhere instead of drive, we rely on other drivers to keep us safe.

When these parties fail to drive safely, they can and should be accountable for any damages they cause. Other parties could also be to blame if they failed to take certain precautions to keep people safe on the roads. 

When an accident is someone else’s fault

A recent limo accident that left 20 people dead can be grim reminder of what can happen when we put our lives in the hands of negligent parties. In that case, 17 friends, the limo driver and two pedestrians died when the driver ran through a stop sign, lost control of the vehicle and crashed. 

Early reports note that the driver of the limo did not have the appropriate license to be operating the vehicle. It was also revealed that the limo itself was unsafe because it was a regular vehicle that someone converted into a limo improperly; it had also recently failed a safety inspection. Further, the intersection where the accident occurred was known to be dangerous, but nothing had been done to address the risks it posed.

Whether these or other parties will face legal action from the victims’ families remains to be seen.

Identifying the party responsible 

In devastating crashes like this one, figuring out who is to blame is critical. Not only does it provide much-needed answers to victims and their families, it can also give these parties the information they need to pursue a legal claim.

Of course, a lawsuit and money will not undo an accident or bring back victims killed in a crash. However, these remedies can hold the appropriate parties accountable for their roles in the accident, which could prevent similar catastrophes in the future. They can also provide victims and survivors with the financial compensation they deserve.