Protecting the Injured,
Every Step of the Way

The many hazards warehouse workers face on the job

AdobeStock_151809562.jpegWarehouses and distribution centers are typically places of order, precision and organization. This allows them to fulfill orders as quickly as possible and retain accurate inventory records.

However, even in a setting like this, accidents and missteps can happen. When they do, the workers in these facilities can suffer serious injuries. Below, we examine a few common types of workplace accidents that can occur in warehouses and distribution centers across Georgia. 

Structural failures

Warehouses are like any other building in that they must be safe and sound. If there is a problem with the foundation or other structural elements, accidents can occur. For instance, walls can collapse in a storm; untreated water damage can weaken flooring; electrical problems can start fires and cause serious burns.

As such, these buildings should be properly constructed and regularly inspected to ensure they are safe for the workers inside.

Dangerous work conditions

Too many workers get sick or injured because of dangerous work conditions. They might overheat or suffer exposure to toxic materials; they could be the victim of an assault or get crushed by over stacked boxes.

To prevent these and other accidents, warehouses and similar facilities should be properly ventilated and have adequate temperature control. They should be free from pest infestations and safe from intruders. Workers must know and comply with the basic measures for keeping the premises safe.

Machine malfunctions

Automation is a critical element in many warehouses. Unfortunately, the machines performing this automation can and do malfunction. Recently, for instance, a robot in an Amazon warehouse punctured a can containing bear repellent. Over 50 workers were exposed to fumes that left many suffering from breathing problems and burning throats and eyes.

To prevent machine malfunctions, it is crucial that they be subject to regular, rigorous inspection. And workers should have the training and permission to stop a machine that they feel is dangerous.

In the event of any of these accidents, workers can be seriously injured or even killed. Under such circumstances, injured parties or their families may be eligible for compensation that covers medical bills, lost wages and other damages resulting from a work-related accident.