Protecting the Injured,
Every Step of the Way

Preventing accidents while walking in a winter wonderland

AdobeStock_174927689.jpegGeorgia isn’t the snow-covered wonderland people often imagine when they think of the holiday season. However, there are seasonal hazards that can put people at risk as they navigate the streets and neighborhoods across Atlanta.

To prevent accidents like slip-and-falls that can happen when people are shopping, going out to eat at restaurants or visiting a neighbor’s home, people would be wise to take the following precautions.

Decorate mindfully

Decorating is a big part of celebrating the holidays. Just be sure you do so carefully. As the National Safety Council recommends, this can include:

  • Moving any items that block entrances, sidewalks or stairwells
  • Making sure hanging décor is properly secured
  • Replacing any lights with broken bulbs, frayed wires or loose connections
  • Avoiding leaving candles or fireplaces unattended

Clear the walkways

Whether you plan to welcome shoppers into your store or Santa into your home, make sure visitors can walk safely around the premises. This means:

  • Fixing any broken or loose flooring
  • Clearing up spills immediately
  • Putting signs up to warn people of slippery surfaces
  • Ensuring stairwells and walkways are clear from obstacles and well lit

Use caution when walking

As you are visiting others’ homes or shopping for gifts, you can prevent accidents as well. In the coming weeks, be especially mindful and consider:

  • Putting your phone away while you are walking to avoid distraction
  • Wearing appropriate footwear for the conditions
  • Calling a property owner’s attention to any potentially hazardous situation
  • Refraining from carrying too many boxes or bags at once

These precautions can help keep everyone safer during the holiday season.

Unfortunately, slipping, tripping and falling accidents can and do still happen. And when they are serious, they can cause painful injuries that can spoil not just the holidays, but a person’s health and future, as well.

Under these circumstances, it may be wise to consult an attorney to discuss the legal remedies available. Compensation could be available to injured victims, and this could have a dramatic impact on a person’s recovery.