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“No Fee Unless We Win” Explained

One of the most stressful aspects of life after a work injury or a car accident is dealing with the insurance adjuster and related agents without the benefit of prior experience or expertise in the matter. On top of that, some injured workers and accident victims assume they cannot get help because they cannot afford a lawyer because they do not have the money to pay attorney’s fees.

Attorney T. Andrew Miller understands how alarming this realization can be and is here to help. That is why he only accepts cases on a contingency fee basis, or “No Fee Unless We Win.” But, what does this mean?

A contingent fee, commonly referred to as a “contingency fee,” is the fee the attorney earns when the case is concluded. Workers’ compensation and auto accident cases very often conclude with a lump sum cash settlement paid to the client. When that happens, the attorney’s fee is calculated on a percentage and paid to the attorney. If the case does not conclude with a cash payment to the client, then no lawyer fees are owed at all!

However, with some law firms, the attorney’s fee may not be all you are responsible for. Nearly all contingent fee agreements include terms which allow the attorney to pay for the expenses incurred in building a case for the client up front and deduct them from the settlement along with the attorney’s fee. Some law firms will charge the client for these expenses even if no cash settlement is obtained for the client. The Law Offices of T. Andrew Miller does not practice law this way, no matter the circumstances. If the client does not receive a cash settlement at the conclusion of his or her injury claim, then the client owes nothing.

If you’ve been injured, consult with an attorney that believes honesty and customer service is just as important as skill and knowledge of the law. Contact The Law Offices of T. Andrew Miller today, and hire a former insurance company lawyer to guide you through your injury claim, at no risk to you.