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How to protect workers from heat illness this summer

AdobeStock_88675329.jpegAs we head towards summer and temperatures begin to rise, those who work outside are at risk of serious heat-related illnesses.

Just last year, OSHA fined a Georgia farm labor contracting company nearly $13,000 following the death of an employee due to heat illness. The employee was reportedly picking tomatoes in temperatures of up to 97.5 degrees, in direct sunlight, when he began to show signs of overexertion and passed out before being taken to the hospital.

New study finds pickup manufacturers should up their safety game

AdobeStock_206287912.jpegPickups provide much-needed hauling power for many people. Whether you're traveling with the family or pulling a boat down the highway, trucks have remained a common choice across the country. But, how do they stack up when it comes to safety?

According to a new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, many pickup trucks currently on the market fall short when it comes to protecting passengers in certain types of crashes. 

3 reasons why Atlanta cyclists, pedestrians are in so much danger

AdobeStock_210695139.jpegThere is plenty of traffic congestion in and around Atlanta. Avoiding this and other drawbacks of driving by taking public transportation, walking or biking around the city can save people time and money. And these options are more environmentally friendly.

That all said, people choosing these alternative forms of transportation face some serious risks to their safety. Unfortunately, the number of accidents between cars and pedestrians or bicyclists has increased dramatically in recent years. Between 2006 and 2015, there was a 53 percent increase in these accidents. Below are some reasons why this is happening and what we can do to keep everyone safer.

Car accidents, minor or major, can have devastating consequences

Victims of car accidents in Georgia will know that even non-fatal crashes can be traumatic for victims and their loved ones. 

Never decline a trip to the hospital for a medical evaluation after a collision, even if you have no broken bones or bleeding wounds. Many injuries have hidden symptoms that become apparent days, weeks or even months later.

Would in-car cameras make you a safer driver?

AdobeStock_16642379.jpegUsing a camera to take videos or photos while driving is dangerous. However, in-car cameras could also be a way to prevent drivers from engaging in these types of behaviors. This is the hope of automakers like Volvo who announced a controversial solution to combat dangerous driving.

According to reports, Volvo will start equipping their vehicles with in-car cameras starting in 2020 in the hopes of curbing distraction and intoxication behind the wheel. 

Safety tips for warehouse workers

AdobeStock_88009140.jpgIf you work in a warehouse, distribution center or fulfillment center, occupational hazards will make your job incredibly risky. Although workplace safety standards continue to improve, warehouse work remain near the top of the list of dangerous occupations.

Hazards range from handling heavy loads to harmful substances. A significant number of warehouse workers suffer on-the-job injuries each year -- many of which are fatal. 

This spring, beware of these landscaping hazards


Spring is just around the corner, and that means Georgians may be doing some spring cleaning. Landscaping can be one task that takes on especially high priority this time of year.

If you work in landscaping, now would be a good time to spring clean your safety routines, as well. Both commercial and residential landscaping comes with serious risks to worker safety, and knowing what these risks are can help you avoid them -- as well as a serious work-related accident.

What should I do if a dog bites my child?

AdobeStock_176211500.jpegThere are few things cuter than a dog and a child playing together happily. Unfortunately, not all interactions between dogs and children are adorable. In too many cases, a dog can bite and seriously injure a child.

If this happens to your own child, it is crucial to take the following measures.

The more the merrier? Not when it comes to driving

AdobeStock_126121217.jpegCarpooling and ride-sharing are popular -- and highly encouraged -- options when it comes to cutting costs and protecting the environment. However, while riding with passengers does have its benefits, it also comes with risks.

According to one study, having passengers increases a driver's risk of getting into an accident. In fact, driving with at least two other people doubles the risk of the driver getting into a serious accident. Thankfully, there are steps drivers and passengers can take to avoid a crash and stay safe.

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