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Injured in a distracted driving accident? You're not alone

AdobeStock_211772929.jpgWhether traveling to work, dropping kids off at school or running errands, you probably spend a good portion of your day behind the wheel. You might not realize that all of this driving around increases your risk of being involved in a distracted driving accident.

Distracted driving is a growing problem in Georgia. Cell phones are a significant part of the issue. With so many drivers texting, talking and browsing the web from their smartphones, car accidents are almost inevitable.

What to know if you ride electric scooters

AdobeStock_168143489.jpegAtlanta is a transportation hub for everything from airplanes to highways. With so much traffic in the area, it makes sense that people seek out alternatives. They want to avoid traffic jams, save money and decrease the toll their trips take on the environment.

Recently, Atlanta became home to electic scooter shares, which allow people to conveniently rent and ride scooters using an app. However, as easy as it may be to utilize these e-scooters, there are risks associated with them. 

Workers' comp for the food-and-beverage industry

AdobeStock_113602651.jpgWorkers in the food and beverage industry in Georgia face various occupational hazards. If you are a chef in a restaurant or hotel, you might find that some of the risks are unique to your profession while others are more general and also present in other industries. The urgency of peak times in restaurant kitchens are most dangerous, with all the risks exacerbated by the increased activity levels.

As a chef, you earn your income in one of the most hazardous work environments. Along with fuel, flames and dangerous chemicals, you face the threats posed by sharp knives, dangerous food preparation equipment and other lurking dangers.

States consider lowering BAC to reduce drunk driving accidents

AdobeStock_104718188.jpegGeorgia, like nearly every other state in the U.S., recognizes the limit of 0.08 percent blood alcohol content. This means that if a driver has a level of 0.08 percent or higher, he or she can face charges for drunk driving.

However, Utah recently passed a law lowering this limit to 0.05 percent. And other states may follow.

The many hazards warehouse workers face on the job

AdobeStock_151809562.jpegWarehouses and distribution centers are typically places of order, precision and organization. This allows them to fulfill orders as quickly as possible and retain accurate inventory records.

However, even in a setting like this, accidents and missteps can happen. When they do, the workers in these facilities can suffer serious injuries. Below, we examine a few common types of workplace accidents that can occur in warehouses and distribution centers across Georgia. 

Do you risk your life working on wind turbines?

AdobeStock_65995772.jpgAlthough wind energy is a relatively new employment sector in Georgia, workers on wind farms face many occupational hazards. If you are a member of a wind turbine maintenance or electrical crew, you will likely spend significant parts of your days working at dangerous heights. Did you know that you can refuse to work without the necessary personal protective equipment?

Although the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has not established specific safety standards for the wind energy sector, the general regulations for various industries also apply to wind farms. Your job on a turbine will expose you to risks of slipping, falling, struck by objects and many other hazards common to other industries. Strong winds will exacerbate the dangers of your job.

Preventing accidents while walking in a winter wonderland

AdobeStock_174927689.jpegGeorgia isn't the snow-covered wonderland people often imagine when they think of the holiday season. However, there are seasonal hazards that can put people at risk as they navigate the streets and neighborhoods across Atlanta.

To prevent accidents like slip-and-falls that can happen when people are shopping, going out to eat at restaurants or visiting a neighbor's home, people would be wise to take the following precautions.

Looking for deals instead of looking at the road

AdobeStock_187748835.jpegThere are a lot of things to love about the holidays, from festive decorations to spending more time with loved ones. 

However, not everything about the holidays is easy to love. For instance, driving can become especially perilous during this time of year as people become more distracted. And it's not just the odd text message about an office gift swap that proves to be distracting: people are also increasingly distracted by online shopping.

Don't be the one who is chopped, seared or sliced

AdobeStock_166179881.jpgRestaurants and other facilities in the food and beverage industry in the Atlanta metro area of Georgia always need every single employee to do his or her job to keep everything running smoothly. There is no shortage of hazards in restaurant and hotel kitchens, and identifying them can make it easier to take precautions.

Your employer is responsible for the safety and health of all the employees. However, the multitude of things that could go wrong in a busy kitchen requires you and your co-workers to look out for potential hazards and deal with them.

What makes Thanksgiving so dangerous for drivers?

AdobeStock_165460669.jpegThis week, millions of people in the U.S. will be driving for the Thanksgiving holiday. And whether they drive across the state or across the country, road safety can be a major concern.

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is one of the most dangerous times in terms of road safety. Every year, we see a spike in the number of people hurt or killed in accidents on and around Thanksgiving - why is this? There are at least a few primary factors when it comes to the increase in car crashes during this time of year.

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