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Looking for deals instead of looking at the road

AdobeStock_187748835.jpegThere are a lot of things to love about the holidays, from festive decorations to spending more time with loved ones. 

However, not everything about the holidays is easy to love. For instance, driving can become especially perilous during this time of year as people become more distracted. And it’s not just the odd text message about an office gift swap that proves to be distracting: people are also increasingly distracted by online shopping.

Not such a good deal after all

A recent report reveals that about one-third of people who use their phones to shop online do so while driving. And a whopping 83 percent of people who do this do it during the holidays.

Mobile online shopping is rife with distractions and mental demands on the user. People are comparing prices, entering in promo codes for discounts, choosing sizes from drop-down menus and trying to enter in credit card and shipping information. Attempting to snag a deal while driving can therefore mean a person’s hands and focus are completely directed away from the operation of their vehicle.

Unfortunately, people feel a sense of urgency to shop when they are trying to save time and money during the holidays– even when they are behind the wheel. This can lead to poor decisions that wind up costing them more than the 10 or 50 percent they might be saving on a specific purchase.

Making a bad situation worse

Even in ideal road conditions, shopping while driving is dangerous for the reasons we mentioned above. Add in factors like bad weather, increased traffic congestion, road construction and other distracted drivers, and focusing on anything besides driving becomes even more treacherous. 

Don’t discount your legal options

If you are in an accident with a driver who was distracted by a phone, understand that you have rights to pursue compensation for damages. Discussing your legal options with an attorney can help you hold the appropriate party accountable and pursue the financial remedies you may deserve.