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Every Step of the Way

Keeping child passengers safer in the event of a crash

AdobeStock_58307910.jpegNo one plans to get in a serious car accident. And sadly, there may be little that victims could have done differently to avoid one. That said, there are several ways to stay safer in the event that a crash does occur. This is especially important to remember when it comes to child passengers who depend on adults to keep them safe.

While safety for children riding in cars should be a priority for drivers every single time they get in the car, this week can be an especially appropriate time to be aware of how to protect children, as it is Child Passenger Safety Week.

Why child passenger safety should be a priority

Sadly, car accidents are one of the leading causes of fatality for kids between the ages of one and 13. About two children in this group die every day in crashes, according to materials from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

These sobering statistics should reinforce the fact children are at serious risk in an accident, and minimizing this risk should be a top priority for every driver.

What should parents and caregivers do to protect children?

Some of the most effective ways to keep kids safer in an accident include:

  • Having children ride in the appropriate seat for their age and size (car seat or booster set)
  • Keeping children in the appropriate position for their age and size (back seat in rear-facing or forward-facing car seats)
  • Properly installing child car seats and boosters
  • Buckling up a child for every ride
  • Avoiding overdressing kids riding in car seats to ensure they are properly secured

Unfortunately, car accidents happen. While it is not possible prevent every accident from happening, there are ways to stay safer in the event of one. And this week could be the perfect opportunity for parents across Georgia to recheck and reinvest in their child’s safety. Hopefully, doing so can keep an unfortunate car accident from becoming a catastrophic one.