Protecting the Injured,
Every Step of the Way

How high is the risk of falling in the workplace?

Worker with hard hat falling from ladder onto concrete floor

A serious fall can happen when workers least expect it. Perhaps retail workers climb that ladder every day and construction workers are used to working on scaffolding or rooves.

Yet, even if Georgia workers have years of experience, a slip and fall could happen at any time – and they often do.

Falls are one of the most common workplace injuries

Each year, Liberty Mutual Insurance releases the list of the most common causes of work injuries. In 2019, the top three injuries included:

  1. Overexertion;
  2. Falls and trips; and
  3. Strikes from falling objects.

Injuries from falls are on the list twice, with falls on the same level ranking as the second-highest risk and falls to another level, such as from a ladder, ranking as the fourth-highest.

Serious falls are almost always on the list of the most common hazards in the workplace. This is generally because falls are a significant risk in several occupations, including:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Education

Falls are one of the most common risks – and yet, they are also one of the most preventable.

How can workers prevent falls?

Preventing falls in the workplace usually requires coworkers, supervisors and employers to work together to create a safe workplace. After all, safety requires a collaborative and concerted effort throughout the workplace.

However, there are several measures workers can take to prevent the risk of falling, including:

  • Ensuring they receive proper safety training;
  • Remaining aware of their surroundings;
  • Utilizing the proper safety equipment;
  • Wearing the proper footwear at work; and
  • Using ladders safely at all times.

Many jobs might prioritize speed and efficiency. In those environments, it can be easy to overlook safety precautions. But workers must always put their safety and wellbeing first and take measures to prevent a serious injury.