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The workers’ compensation system is designed to help injured workers obtain the benefits and compensation that they deserve after suffering an injury during the course and scope of their employment. Work injuries can arise in virtually countless scenarios and are not limited to occupations involving heavy physical activities. Dunwoody workers’ compensation lawyer T. Andrew Miller recognizes this fact and can handle claims arising from traumatic events as well as conditions that develop over time. Dunwoody, Georgia is home to a number of large employers, such as:

  • IHG (Intercontinental Hotel Groups) is the largest employer in Dunwoody, employing residents in a wide variety of capacities, including food service workers, cleaning staff, drivers, and bellhops. The hospitality industry is known for long hours and physically demanding work.
  • Peachford Hospital, located in Dunwoody, employs a large number of staff from the metro Atlanta area. Workers in the medical field are often subjected to extremely fast-paced and sometimes even dangerous work conditions, resulting in a wide range of serious and disabling injuries.
  • APEX Systems, offering IT staffing and workforce solutions, is another large business in Dunwoody. While some may think office work is less likely to result in traumatic accidents, disabling injuries in the office setting, particularly those suffered by Information Technology workers, are commonplace. Employees also often experience serious, long-term physical conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

As a workers’ compensation attorney helping Dunwoody residents, T. Andrew Miller has the knowledge, experience, and tenacity that it takes to help you navigate the workers’ compensation system while protecting your legal interests along the way. Our main priority as a law firm is ensuring that our clients each receive the personalized and responsive legal counsel that we would expect if we were in their situation.

Asserting Your Right to Benefits Following an Accident

Georgia requires Dunwoody employers to provide employees with a specific bill of rights for the injured worker, outlining both an employee’s rights regarding an injury that occurs on the job and the responsibilities that fall on the employee when it comes to filing a report of an injury and conducting the claims process. The first thing that you should do after being injured in a work-related accident is notify your employer. Under Georgia law, any employer that maintains three or more employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance. This includes any part-time employees who work on a regular basis. Although there are some instantaneous injuries that are easy to associate with a work-related cause, slower-developing injuries may be trickier to identify and link to your occupation. If you believe that the injury that you are experiencing could be related to your occupation, you should notify your employer. After alerting your supervisor, you may need to fill out a specific form to initiate the claims process.

As part of the bill of rights, employers in Georgia are required to post a list containing at least six health care professionals who provide medical care. The injured employee can choose one of these medical providers and is allowed to make one switch to another doctor on the list without the supervisor’s permission. The medical professional will conduct a physical examination to determine whether the injury was related to the employee’s occupation and, if so, the nature and scope of the injury.

Georgia classifies work injuries as either catastrophic or non-catastrophic. The first category of injuries involves severe head injuries, amputation, paralysis, burns, and blindness, and an injured worker in this category can receive two-thirds of their weekly wage, not to exceed $575 per week, for the period of time that the employee is unable to return to work. Non-catastrophic injuries are compensated in a similar fashion, but the payments are capped at 400 weeks. Also, if the injured employee is able to return to work but is only able to find lower-paying work due to the injury, the employee is entitled to an additional benefit to help offset some of the difference.

Seek Guidance from a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Dunwoody

When it comes to working with a Workers’ Comp attorney, we believe that clients should work directly with the lawyer handling their case—rather than just support staff. Attorney T. Andrew Miller prides himself on always contacting clients personally and taking the time to explain the complex procedures that are often involved in a workers’ compensation claim. He is accessible to his clients via phone, text, and email, so you can rest assured that your questions and concerns will be addressed promptly. If you are interested in a free consultation with a Dunwoody workers’ compensation attorney at which you can learn more about your legal rights and options, call us now at 678-894-4758 or contact us online to set up your free consultation.

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