Denied Workers Comp Claims

How to Handle a Denied Claim for Worker’s Compensation Benefits

Often, claims for workers’ compensation benefits following documented work accidents suffered by Georgia workers are denied by the employer or insurance company for no good reason or no reason at all. Human resources personnel and claims adjusters may be overloaded with cases or simply poorly trained. Whatever the reason, the result is that a large number of legitimate and significant work injury claims in Atlanta and the entire State of Georgia are denied, leaving the injured worker and his or her family without any income or access to reasonable medical care.

Reporting a Work Injury and Requesting Medical Treatment

Under Georgia law, the employee has the obligation to make sure the supervisor is notified of the work accident or on the job injury. It is important at that time that the injured worker makes it clear that medical treatment is needed. Often times, when there is a question as to whether notice of the injury was provided or whether medical treatment is necessary, employers and insurance companies will deny the claim for benefits. Similarly, is it very common for the injured worker to be told to see a doctor under his or her own health insurance coverage and/or take a medical leave of absence. In these situations, the injured employee is also often told that they are not entitled to workers comp.

Opening a Workers Comp Claim / Appealing a Denied Claim

Many Georgians who have been injured on the job contact our office reporting that their employer is aware of the accident and even sent them to the hospital, but since then simply nothing has been done. This is a typical claim defense strategy: wait and try to starve out the injured worker while he or she cannot work and needs medical treatment. The law contains protections for the injured worker that the insurance company or employer is aware of but often times chooses not to share with the employee. When this happens, you are essentially forced to retain an attorney to protect your rights and obtain the benefits you are entitled to. Experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney T. Andrew Miller will provide you with a free case evaluation and consultation so that you can have a plan of action to get your claim moving or appeal a denied claim in front of the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

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You have been hurt on the job and you are entitled to workers comp benefits for the protection of your health and ability to earn a living. Do not let a sluggish HR manager or overworked claims adjuster stand between you and a full recovery and return to the workforce. Attorney T. Andrew Miller is an expert in fixing denied workers’ compensation claims, attacking the defense and securing ongoing benefits and settlements for workers injured on the job in Georgia. Get the help you need to obtain the benefits you deserve today. Call The Law Offices of T. Andrew Miller today at (678) 894-4758!

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