Construction Workers and Worksite Accidents

Injuries at a Work Site in Atlanta

Construction injuries and accidents are common and can be a tremendous hardship for workers. On the job injuries often result in great financial strain, particularly if the worker is unable to return to work and earn a paycheck. It is common for injured construction workers to find themselves unable pay their utility bills, mortgages, car payments or even something so simple as food. Once an accident takes place, the employer and insurance company begin trying to minimize the compensation they are obligated to pay the injured construction worker. In order to get the compensation you what you deserve, you need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who will stand by your side, protect you and get you the maximum compensation under the law.

Workers’ compensation in Georgia is a series of laws that provides an employee who is injured at the work site  with compensation for the bodily damage sustained and loss of the ability to earn an income. This can be due to the construction environment, the negligence of a fellow worker or simply the mistake of the worker himself. Injured construction workers are entitled to medical payments for any hospital or doctors visits and lost wages if they end up unable to return to work. The law for construction workers in the state of Georgia is designed to protect the injured worker; however, the employer and insurance company often wrongfully deny the payment of benefits.

Construction Workers Injured in Georgia

By law, employees injured at the construction site are entitled to medical and lost income benefits. Your medical expenses must be paid by the employer regardless of whether the accident was your fault or due to the negligence of a co-worker. The injury can be serious as construction sites often involve the movement of heavy machinery or dangerous materials. Workers may even have to work at heights that require special care to be taken to avoid any unfortunate event.

It is common for construction workers to sustain injuries while at the work site. You need legal representation so you can avoid any failed compensation claims. Claims also need to be promptly asserted so to avoid many legal loop holes benefiting your employer or the insurance company. If the employer did not properly document a work injury, the insurance company likely will refuse to pay any benefits at all.  Legal representation for injured construction workers is necessary so they can get the benefits the law provides.

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Luckily, Attorney T. Andrew Miller can help. He has the experience and the knowledge required to determine how a workers’ comp claim should be filed, handled and litigated. He realizes that a lot of construction workers will not be paid benefits without good legal advice. This is why he works with injured workers only.

If you have been injured while working at a construction site, you may entitled to workers comp benefits for the protection of your health and ability to earn a living. Attorney T. Andrew Miller is an expert in handling all forms of construction and other work site injury claims, attacking the defense and securing ongoing benefits and settlements for workers injured on the job in Georgia.

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