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Computer program aims to improve health of office workers

Working in an office can seem like a relatively safe and uneventful occupation, in terms of risks to our health. Office workers are not exposed to harsh weather for extended periods of time, they typically aren’t operating heavy machinery or putting excessive physical demands on their bodies.

However, there are still risks to the health of office workers. In fact, sitting down all day can pose a considerable risk to a person’s well-being. To minimize this risk, new software applications are coming on the market to encourage workers to get healthier.

One such app is the Exertime app. As discussed in this article, the Exertime app interrupts computer workers at predetermined intervals. These interruptions urge users to get up from their desk and take a “movement break”. The app then gives users a series of screens to click through before they can use their computer again.

After evaluating 228 users who used the app for a year, researchers found that many showed “clinically significant” decreases in their blood pressure. The reduction was particularly significant among workers with high blood pressure at the beginning of the study.

Sitting all day can cause serious health problems for workers, and they can wind up experiencing injuries or illnesses that require medical attention. They can also be unable to work and suffer long-term complications as a result of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. Sitting all day can also create or exacerbate other conditions, like back pain.

Considering how much workers’ health and safety can be affected by a sedentary office environment, solutions that encourage movement and proper posture can certainly be worth exploring by employers.

Unfortunately, these options are not available in every office to every worker, which means that countless people continue to experience health problems as a result of their job. If this includes you, it can be wise to consider discussing potential solutions with your employer. If you have already suffered an injury or illness as a result of a work condition, you can explore your options for workers’ compensation.