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Is your boss proactive or reactive in protecting you?

AdobeStock_279786530.jpegRegardless of the industry in which you earn your income in Georgia, you will most likely face numerous occupational hazards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates that your employer must protect you from known dangers and take reasonable steps to mitigate them. The question is whether your boss practices proactive or reactive safety protocols.

Workers' compensation generally covers workplace violence

AdobeStock_124928348.jpegUsually, injuries happen on the job because of an accident. Industrial workers may not lift heavy loads correctly, leading to severe muscle strains. Or construction workers might fall from great heights while on site.

Do you have to brave extreme weather to service aircraft?

AdobeStock_187719068.jpegIf the Atlanta Airport is open and flights are scheduled, ground support personnel must report for duty -- regardless of the weather. If your job involves servicing of aircraft, you will battle the elements through windy conditions and frigid temperatures that could reach extreme levels. When these conditions drive down your skin temperature, it can eventually cause a significant drop in your internal body heat.

Fatigue can increase the risk of a work injury

AdobeStock_150894526.jpegWe may have gained an hour with the end of daylight savings time, but many people still report feeling more tired than usual during the day as they adjust to the time change. This is not only incredibly dangerous for individuals who get behind the wheel, but also for many workers across several fields of employment.

Report: Women face even greater risks after a work injury

AdobeStock_228148450.jpegSuffering an injury at work can be a traumatic, painful and frightening experience. While workers' compensation can provide significant help to Georgia workers and their families after an injury, workers often still face a long and stressful healing process. 

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