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Materials handling could easily cause injuries to workers

If you work in materials handling, you are likely on your feet and on the move for most of your workday. Your tasks may require you to bend, squat, lift, reach, climb and stretch numerous times in a single day. Though you may appreciate the fact that you do not remain stagnant, you also likely understand that your job could cause you to suffer injuries.

Can "the psychology of driving" prevent motorcycle accidents?

AdobeStock_211103588.jpegIn just the last decade, distracted driving has become one of the top causes of fatal accidents across the country. When individuals think of distracted driving, they usually link it with anything that pulls a driver's eyes away from the road. 

Remember these pedestrian safety tips when out for Halloween

AdobeStock_288371192.jpgWith Halloween fast approaching, you and many other Georgia families are likely preparing for various festivities. You may enjoy the holiday and have decorated your home to your liking, and your kids have probably already told you the many ideas they have for costumes. You all have a sense of excitement.

Pedestrians still face risks, even with smart technology

AdobeStock_56313353.jpegThere is no doubt that pedestrians are the most vulnerable on our roads. Sharing the roads with much larger vehicles without any protection places them at a high risk. That is why Georgia and other states around the nation have specific traffic laws that regulate a pedestrian's right-of-way. 

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