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Don't be the one who is chopped, seared or sliced

AdobeStock_166179881.jpgRestaurants and other facilities in the food and beverage industry in the Atlanta metro area of Georgia always need every single employee to do his or her job to keep everything running smoothly. There is no shortage of hazards in restaurant and hotel kitchens, and identifying them can make it easier to take precautions.

Dangers that haulers of hazardous chemicals face

AdobeStock_140486871.jpgCommercial drivers in Georgia travel nationwide to ensure the availability of merchandise and other products wherever necessary. While multiple occupational hazards threaten the safety of all big-rig operators, you might be particularly vulnerable if you haul hazardous chemicals. Chemical logistics pose unique challenges, and compliance with strict safety regulations can ensure safe transport.

Study: Drivers aren't looking for pedestrians

AdobeStock_80665211.jpegMotorists and pedestrians are supposed to share the road respectfully. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. Too often, cars strike pedestrians because drivers fail to take certain precautions to avoid a collision, including thoroughly scanning the roadway for pedestrians and cyclists.  

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