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Computer program aims to improve health of office workers

AdobeStock_66551546.jpegWorking in an office can seem like a relatively safe and uneventful occupation, in terms of risks to our health. Office workers are not exposed to harsh weather for extended periods of time, they typically aren't operating heavy machinery or putting excessive physical demands on their bodies. 

What happens when you're the passenger in an accident?

AdobeStock_191994326.jpegMany Georgia motorists take every precaution possible to avoid an accident while driving. However, we are not always in control of our own safety. Every time we get in a taxi, catch a ride with a friend or decide to walk somewhere instead of drive, we rely on other drivers to keep us safe.

How crashes involving cars and motorcycles happen

AdobeStock_41967198.jpgIf you are a motorcycle rider in Georgia, you will need more skills and coordination than other automobile drivers to stay safe as you navigate the busy Atlanta highways. Although the number of bikes on the state's roadways are significantly less than the number of other vehicles, the severity of injuries motorcyclists suffer in crashes are far worse than those of motorists in larger vehicles. The level of protection you have as a motorcycle rider is almost non-existent when compared to the sophisticated protective systems in modern cars.

Airport ground crews face a long list of safety hazards

AdobeStock_217903725.jpgAlong with airlines, the airports in Atlanta and other cities in Georgia play crucial roles in the health, safety and well-being of the millions of international and domestic travelers. However, the men and women who work as the ground crews face many safety hazards that might not receive enough attention. Airport employers and the private contractors who provide the workers are responsible for the safety and health of these workers.

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