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Atlanta facing safety “crisis” for bicyclists

AdobeStock_175089714.jpegThe Atlanta Regional Commission estimates an average of 90 people are killed while walking or biking in the Atlanta metro every year – with another 300 suffering life-threatening injuries. As more and more neighborhoods focus on walkability and encouraging “greener” transportation, safety concerns still abound all over the region. But, it seems ensuring safety for bicyclists will require big changes to metro streets.

Street design focused on moving cars quickly puts bicyclists at risk

The number of accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists in the Atlanta metro rose sharply between 2006 and 2015, according to the ARC. Serious injuries and fatalities rose by 26% during that time, putting the city “on the verge of a crisis,” as one bicyclist and pedestrian program manager at the Commission told Atlanta Magazine.

Many experts blame population growth and distracted driving for the increase in pedestrian and bicycle accidents. However, others point out that – as in other large cities – the last several decades of street design in Atlanta have focused on moving motor vehicle traffic as quickly as possible.

As the area’s metropolitan planning agency, ARC has begun setting up programs to help reduce the number of traffic-related fatalities to zero by 2030. Efforts to make Atlanta roadways safer include adding better lighting and narrowing traffic lanes on some streets to make more room for bikes.

Recovering from a bicycle accident

If you were injured while biking in Atlanta, you may be entitled to compensation from the person who caused the accident. Contact a Georgia personal injury attorney as soon as possible to learn more about your options.