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My Work Injury Has Now Caused Another Injury, What Do I Do?

In Georgia, injured workers are entitled to additional workers’ compensation benefits including medical treatment and lost wage benefits based on a later, additional or “super-added” injury. A super-added injury is an injury to a different body part that develops as a result of the original on the job injury. For example, if you have a work related right knee injury and remain active, you may eventually find yourself making up for the limited use of your right knee by overcompensating with your left leg. As a result, pain in your left knee may develop over time. Likewise, you may develop back pain from walking differently as a result of your knee injury. These additional injuries should also be covered under workers’ compensation if they arise from the original work injury, so make sure to report any pain or problems to your physician (and employer) as soon as you notice it. Your Georgia Workers Comp Attorney will best be able to help you if you are vocal with your doctor and communicate all existing and new symptoms!

If you were hurt at work, you may also eventually suffer from additional related or “super-added” injuries. Make sure your right to receive medical treatment and additional workers’ compensation benefits are protected. If you have a prior on the job injury that has resulted in additional injuries, or if you have questions about work injuries in general, be sure to contact The Law Offices of T. Andrew Miller as soon as possible!

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