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Georgia Injured Workers Entitled to Select New Doctor(s)

Many work injuries result in ongoing treatment with a physician or specialist. Employees who have experienced work injuries often become dissatisfied or frustrated with the treatment provided by the workers’ compensation doctor. In Georgia, injured workers receiving workers’ compensation benefits are entitled to a change in the treating physician for their work injuries. They can choose from the employer’s list of doctors or transfer care to the doctor they prefer. Furthermore, employees who have suffered on-the-job injuries and received lost wage benefit checks from the insurance company have the right to a one-time examination with their chosen physician. This examination can provide a better understanding of the injury, treatment options, and additional benefits.

Your health is the most important concern after any work related accident. If you have questions about selecting or changing your workers’ compensation doctor, T. Andrew Miller is an experienced work injury trial lawyer and provides free consultations! Contact The Law Offices of T. Andrew Miller today for an expert opinion on your legal options and guidance through the workers’ compensation claim process.

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