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Car Accident Injuries: 3 Very Important Documents for Your Case

Most people are understandably frantic and stressed out in the wake of an automobile accident. Particularly where they have been injured through no fault of their own. Whether you’ve been rear-ended by a texting teenager, hit by a drunk driver or a victim of a hit and run, it’s crucial that you document your case in the early going to give yourself the best chance at a fair recovery. After an accident, take a deep breath, get any necessary medical treatment immediately and have a friend, family member or Georgia auto accident attorney obtain these three items.

1. Accident Report from Responding Authorities (Usually Police)

This is the starting point. You are entitled to a copy of the accident report. An accident report contains valuable information for your case. This includes the name and contact info of the insurance company of the at-fault driver. Make sure to get the police officer’s card at the scene if possible. This way, you can follow up on the report, as it may not be produced until days later. And before that, CALL THE POLICE IF YOU HAVE AN ACCIDENT no matter how trivial you may think it is.

2. Policy Information From The Insurance Company

Additionally, dealing with the insurance company at the outset can only add to the confusion. The 2-year statute of limitations applies in Georgia for auto accident injuries, so you have plenty of time to protect your interests. An experienced car crash lawyer can often speed up the process if needed, by forcing the insurance company to take your claim seriously. You’ll need to get a copy of the policy documents showing what coverage is provided. This will help you and your lawyer determine what steps need to be taken next.

3. HIPAA Medical Records Release

Finally, If you’ve been injured, you can’t bring legal action or obtain a settlement without proof of your injuries in the form of the medical records of your treatment. Perhaps your treatment is ongoing, but regardless you will want to have a signed medical authorization that enables you or your attorney to obtain copies of your records. This process is mandatory whether you want to file a lawsuit or not. Your lawyer can help guide you through the process.

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